Thursday, March 1, 2012

Governor Walker Signs Wetland Mitigation Law

On February 29, 2012, Governor Scott Walker signed Senate Bill 368 relating to: "permits for discharges into wetlands; wetland mitigation; wetland mapping and delineation; fees for permits and other authorizations or determinations by the Department of Natural Resources relating to structures, deposits, and other activities in or near navigable waters; making appropriations; and providing penalties"

The law creates a two-tier DNR permit system for construction involving wetlands.  Instead of a general permit,  Developers can apply to the DNR for a specialized individual permit which includes mitigation plans. Acceptable forms of wetland mitigation now include purchasing wetland credits from already restored wetlands, paying the DNR wetland restoration fees, or restoring other wetlands located within the project's watershed.  These alternative forms of wetland mitigation give developers more options and flexibility in replacing and restoring disturbed wetlands.  

For the full text of the law, see:
2011 Wisconsin Act 118

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